© Stephen Shore, from series Uncommon Places: Victoria Avenue and Albert St., Regina, Sasketchewan, 17/8/1974

PHILLIPS : Stephen Shore, Victoria Avenue and Alberta Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, August 17

Broad Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, 17 August, 1974 by Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore, Astoria, Queens, NY

Stephen Shore American, b. 1947 Astoria, Queens, NY, from American Surfaces Chromogenic print Collection of the Haggerty Museum of Art Museum purchase with funds from Dr.

Fifth Street and Broadway, Eureka, California, September 2, 1974 © Stephen Shore

Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore. Interview by Lynne Tillman. Essay by Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen Shore strikes a chord with me.

small town glory // aesthetic // house // neighbourhood // life // angst // photography // artistic

A transatlantic dialogue in pictures between the great American colour photographer and those he and his European contemporaries influenced