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this makes me sooo happy:) all i think about was that amazing night<3 so glad i got to see them again!!

The boys shots from the intro video at concerts, something Ill never get to see in person because Im broke. And sad about no tickets. And sad about poverty.

Hey guys :) if anyone wants to join my {beauty}, {inspirational quotes}, and {health  fitness} boards, just comment :) everyone is welcome!

Hey guys :) if anyone wants to join my {beauty}, {inspirational quotes}, and {health fitness} boards, just comment :) everyone is welcome!

It says teen post but I think this applies to everyone... At least I hope it does... I'm not the only one, right?

& you can get to the never side by Insulting One Direction Insulting some one I love Insulting ANYONE! Being critical Being offensive (Like whistling @ a girl, A LADY NOT A DOG) , But I promise I am nice & happy :D yep

Vevo accidentally posted SOML and they basically leaked it haha so if you've watched it , what did u think ? And will u still try to beat the vevo record !

Gamer Magazine on

Well we have Louis being and angel Niall being. Well Niall Zayn being weird Liam being perfect and Harry. Well being harry❤😍😂

Take a tour of London with One Direction in their video for "One Thing" on ZUUS' Boy Band Channel Streaming videos 24/7 from the boys you love.

I scream his name. He can't hear me over the millions who scream it too. I love him. He loves me too. But he loves 7 billion other girls the exact same way. To him, I'm just another fan in the crowd Harry I love you for you !

Keep calm and listen to one direction !

No offence to anyone but the 'Keep calm' normally gets on my nerves because it is posted so much for so many different things. But this one, I can make an exception for.

This picture❤️ sorry if I haven't been posting in a while but I'm back I have been really busy packing for my trip

One Direction on Friendship, Fashion, Girls: They Love a Girl in a Dress and Converse!

I try to keep my cool....>>> But when I'm looking at you, I can't conceal my rage because you make me vomit.

gif One Direction LOL funny music song funny gif true true story lmao humor 1 Direction so true relatable so relatable