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Taking tests isn't fun for anybody, but it's hard not to smile at these 25 hilarious test answers by students

Which resulted in spelling quizes that look like this...

24 Struggles Only People Who Can't Spell Understand

Kid who took the test: Teacher, you spelled them wrong! Teacher: No, I didn't. Kid: That's not how you spell them! Teacher: what do you mean? Kid: You spell them like this: Bla bla bla, ect. Teacher: This is going to be a long year

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like student practice reports.especially when the name has been erased and rewritten.

Respuesta ante la pregunta de un examen con un dibujo de un barco

25 respuestas ingeniosas de exámenes que deberían exentar a los alumnos

Read Examen from the story Capturas Fake 3 by boxrex (♡) with reads.

Here Are 25 Kids That Gave Absolutely Brilliant Answers On Their Tests. These Are Hysterically Genius.

Being smart isn't just about memorization. These hilarious kids show us that their clever test answers may not be technically right, but they are awesome.

This kills meXD

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I am sure the religion teacher gave her an A for this one!  But it sounds like my kind of answer!

23 Hilarious Test Answers From Some Seriously Clever Kids 15