The Sanskrit tattoos are one such form that is hugely popular and enjoys a special status among the masses. It is believed that these tattoos exude positive energy and vibration.

40 Simple And Stunning Triangle Tattoo Designs

Look at this geometric deer tat! You can see two and a half hollow triangles, dotted deer with big antlers and lines comming through deers' head.

10 Best Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

Sanskrit tattoos are highly popular & they add mystic charm to the body art. Inner feelings can be well exposed with this ancient script. Here are top Sanskrit tattoos for an idea

Sanskrit is one of the most original languages, people are crazy about also sanskrit tattoos. Here are the 15 best Sanskrit tattoo designs for guys and girls to that you can avail of.

Katy Perry's Arm Sanskrit Tattoo

Shaanti (in sanskrit) Tattoo. Shaanti means inner peace. The poet T. Eliot, in his poem The Waste Land (where he spelled it Shantih) translated it as "The Peace which passeth understanding." It is pictured three times in this tattoo because it is tradi

Frases en sánscrito para tatuajes

Yoga is rooted in deep philosophy. Understanding the importance of Sanskrit vocabulary and semantics will aid a yogi immensely in deepening their practice. Each Sanskrit word has its own consciousn.