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Love the sentence!

I love this quote but I would say "the brave may not live forever but the cowardly do not live at all" because being cowardly and cautious are two different things

"Acredite em você mesmo" - sempre! - Reprodução

Believe in Yourself Tattoo Quotes on Shoulder – The Unique DIY tattoo quotes which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY tattoo quotes ideas on believe quote tattoo, shoulder tattoos for girl to Personalize yourselves.

Life sentence x #tattoo #smalltattoo

"She said life's too short to worry; Life's too long to wait; Too short not to love everybody; Life's too long to hate." - Todd Snider, Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern

In the depth of every storm...I know he is God...I stand still and wait for his hand to carry me...

bible verse cross: In the depth of every storm I know he is God.I stand still and wait for his hand to carry me away

One of my all time favourites!! "To love and be loved."

"To love and be loved." If I was going to get a tattoo I like a simple meaningful quote or symbol. I like having it in another language. from Moulin Rouge

Disney quote tattoo, seems like something I would do

LOVE this quote! Story of my life =) 100 Magical Disney Tattoos photo We've Got You Covered's photos - Buzznet

Don't know if I'd actually ever get this tattoo, but I love the quote and font - never settle for anything less than butterflies

Ideas for a possible Alice in Wonderland thigh piece

Lovin this quote."Have I Gone Mad?" "I'm Afraid So. You're Entirely Bonkers, But I'll Tell You A Secret.All The Best People Are." - Alice In Wonderland Quote Tattoo.love this tat!

from one of my two most favorite movies: Ever After - Leonardo Di Vinci

a life without love is no life at all - Ever After Favorite quote from my favorite movie/font

I'm going to use this font to get my tattoo on my side...different saying, but this font...although I like the phrase too...

"Without struggle there is no progress" not a fan of the placement, size or font but i love this quote

Life quote tattoo on ankle by Haris

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