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Sorry for the swear words but it's funny all the same
Do you know what it is to be named for the dead?
that's great. i  wish more people would read this and see what they could accomplish if they only stood up to bullies
Love life level: Defence Against Dark Arts teacher.
He Noticed This Conversation Between The Store Owner And A Poor Kid But Never Expected This Outcome people amazing story interesting facts stories heart warming good people
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McGonagall's the best
Harry Potter ~ Harry is not a Ravenclaw
La carta que este niño le escribió al Profesor Dumbledore (¡Arruina la película!)
Productos que querrás tener si eres amante del terror
Resultat d'imatges de harry potter drawing diferent ages
Girlfriends in 2x15 - Alex Danvers - Maggie Sawyer - Winn Schott - Supergirl - Sanvers