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He had a hard time imagining Nico di Angelo acting out of love for anybody. Except maybe Hazel

Frank wasn’t sure what Nico was thinking. He had a hard time imagining Nico di Angelo acting out of love for anybody, except maybe Hazel.

Tu sei il mio soldatino (You're my little soldier) La ragione per cui vivo (The reason I live) Non ti scordar di me (Don't forget me) io vegliero su di te (I'm watching over you)             -Soldatino, Nico's Lullaby

"You are my little soldier, the reason that I lived. Don't forget about me, I'm watching over you." It's so sad thinking that Bianca died :'(

I think its sweet and sad how nico treats her. Like hes doing everything he can to make sure he wont loos his sister. Again.

I'm pretty sure the whole Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fandom agrees that Nico di Angelo derserves a big hug every minute of every day.


AWWWWGH (for those who have no idea what that means [i use it a lot], it's a combination of AWW and ARGH. Aww because feels, are awww-worthy, and argh because feels are usually frustrating)<<< That is a spectacular combination. Art by Viria, btw

Jason and Nico playing Mythomagic. . .<<< Haha! Oh Jason...... And when Nico laughs it just melts my heart

Jason and Nico playing Mythomagic! Can this happen? And the last frame where Jason is just so excited/shocked to see Nico laugh! jason looks so good

I don't ship Lazel but I love this part

viria: If this flashback was something Frank had shared with Hazel…well, either Leo didn’t want any part of it, or he definitely wanted to try it. He wasn’t sure which. ©The Mark of Athena I am pretty sure I am TEAM LEO.

Nico di Angelo

Find out which Heroes of Olympus character you are! (Heroes of Olympus is a book serie By Rick Riordan.

'I don't think its me she's worried about getting hurt.'

Hazel: Nico, please, just ignore him. Bully: listen to your sister, I don't think she wants to see you get hurt. Nico: I don't think it's me she's worried about getting hurt. Me: Nico… remember what you said? Nico: Yeah… sorry… Me: It's okay…