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lollll of course it started with supernatural then it went all down hill

It always becomes about the fandoms<---of course the supernatural fandom was the first to hijack a post XD

Women's jackets should have pockets too!

Can we talk about how UNFAIR it is that women’s jackets don’t have inside pockets but men’s jackets do? <- because if I had inside pockets I would always have a wand or a sonic :)

The dog in all caps looks like a bow tie

meeting other people of our fandom in public. I like so totally did this at orientation today. Wore my Sherlock shirt, met a girl who own it also, and we totally bonded, and I hope we have classes together.

The more you know

Hiccup and Jack Frost just to name some. Comment your cartoon crush. Jack Frost and Hiccup. Maybe Flynn Rider?

inkyparthia-tumblr: “ Decaying teeth? WHATEVER. He had muscular thighs from riding instead hurhurhur This is for a friend who expressed surprise that Washington could be so studly ;]

5 Reasons Why Washington Was a Stud - History Major Heraldic Beast Let's not forget he not only served his country, but led us to VICTORY despite everything against them!

Hahahahahahaha this is my favorite thing xD

Sean Bean (I seriously laughed waaaay to hard at this.tears were streaming down my face)

O.o  What day is it!?

this happened to me once when i was watching all the hobbits movies (all that are made so far) and we watched all 3 lotr


you think Shakespeare is boring? Shakespeare thinks your mom is boring. I don't love Shakespeare, but I that's because I don't catch the humor he uses right away ( that's because I don't read him on leisure time )

All of the above. My cute boy was born in the 1800s and was an earl in Britain but he is now a demon.

The fangirls took over this post. Go fangirls! But so true at the same time


Where do hot people come from? But England is freezing. We have to supply our own heat.

"You are the future" xD I'm dying and laughing!

Why on Earth would you just nod? You would go into a long fangirl rant about your OTPs!

Bad decisions.

On a scale of 1 to invading Russia in the winter, how bad is your idea? The Princess Bride.

Awesome kid!

The batman: saving Gotham via chocolate milk. Thank you, the batman.

Yes! I watched this in the theater with my best friend and we gasped so hard at the big evil reveal and the little kids around us were just like "Yeah. Whatever."

LOL. Luke, I basically killed your father