Black wolf in autumn forest.

Name: Maeve Gender: Female Age: 24 moons years) Rank: Warrior Personality: Meet her to find out

take a moment with yourself... sit a tree and just... listen.

The idea behind this is a fantastic dream land. A place where it's just me. A place in my own head that i can disappear to, where trees can float in the sky and the stars are below.


stonelions: “ give yourself over to the wolf. let it eat the parts of you that are sick, that are damaged beyond salvage. let the wolf in and let it clean house, and let it leave again. the wolf knows which parts must be swallowed.

The end of the world by shirotsuki on deviantART

Galaxy packer she wolf beautiful caring loyal a great hunter and fighter no mate or pups 4 years old her wings sparkle when they are outstretched

La nuit du renard

Fox by Louie Lorry a fox sleeps in a magical tree I wonder where his dreams will lead him. A magical piece of fantasy art

I'm so sorry it wasn't meant for that board I meant it for my writing inspo board sorry

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Ideas and Decor | VK

Beth Cavener Stichter, The Sentimental Question (detail)…. the sentimental question is…. What does the Fox say?

"The Language of Fairy Tales" by M.T. DeSantis  The Brothers Grimm | Little Red Riding Hood | Modern Language

The Language of Fairy Tales by M. T. DeSantis

fantasy grimm fairytale illustration watercolour art Little Red Riding Hood -COLOR- by JerryCai

Black horse

Native American Black Horse Feathers Mustang ArT by AmyLynBihrle Tattoo Idea: Change color to chestnut/blaze, slim down, add poem to bottom right

Amazing artwork!

white wolf and girl, this reminds me of the series I'm writing about shape shifters. the main guy is a white wolf and the main girl has short pixie like reddish brown hair.