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Diana Reyes #Caricatura

Diana Reyes #Caricatura

Retrospect - reviewing what happened last week

Retrospect - reviewing what happened last week

Eluna Jewelry: Life as a Crafter: Business Card Psychology

Psychology infographic and charts Business Card Infographic Design… Infographic Description Business Card Infographic Design -

The 6 Reactions Book-Lovers Have to People Who Don't Read  Really made me laugh :) It's true! All true!

How Book-Lovers React to Non-Readers

There are many ways to get passionate reactions out of hardcore book nerds. Tell us Twilight deserves a place in the pantheon of great vampire literature next to Stoker's Dracula and Rice's Interview with the Vampire. Ask us where we stand in the e-b…

So You're Cruel and Evil?

So You're Cruel and Evil?

I do yoga to alleviate stress. Just kidding. I drink wine. Workout t-shirt or tank top.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  That "stregth" tattoo sums this up perfectly!!!  LMAO... and guys really?  It's hideous... and you have kids you could be spending your money on!!!  Oh that's right... tattoos and purses are more important than them.  I forgot. You two are Stuck on Stupid.  Seriously.

The Funniest Someecards Of The Week (PICTURES)

SO DAMN TRUE! My husband sister! 3 kids, on food stamps & works at a gas station, lol! She's only But no matter what she'll manage to get some ridiculous new tattoo, lol!

Resultado de imagem para cronos

Rhea with a stone swaddled Cronus of the relief drawing of an altar romain.

[인포그래픽으로 보는 마케팅 트렌드] 어려운 내용의 긴 글은 효율적이지 못하다. 읽는 데에 시간을 썼는데도 스쳐 지나갔다. 마케팅을 쉽게 이해하고 기억할 수 있도록 비주얼로 보자. [Agile Marketing] 긴박하..

General Management - Check out the biggest differences between agile marketing and traditional marketing—and reasons to consider agile marketing.

Vocab word: scoff  Synonym: deride

Vocab word: scoff Synonym: deride

In this photo, Nick Offerman ((known as Ron Swanson on the show Parks & Recreation)) he is mockingly scoffing. Scoffing is defined as speaking to someone or about something in a scornfully derisive or mocking way. In this episode, he was mocking a new person in the office that he wasn't fond of.

Hard Sell This is Ron and he is a very independent person. He talks about himself in person as a very strong independent person.

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