That truly is ridiculous! Who`d ever say that?! I mean look at him, this is so obviously a hedgehog, and the cutest one ever :). (hahaha!!!)

That is the most ridiculous rumour I've ever heard: I once read somewhere that Martin was in fact a human and not a hedgehog. Bloody stupid rumor that was.

I'm dying over here... I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard!

How To Know If Benedict Cumberbatch Dressed Himself Today…fun game

High functioning sociopath, with your number. :D<<<< his smile sometimes resembles the grinch

One hot meme

High functioning sociopath, with your number. :D<<<< his smile sometimes resembles the grinch <<<< oh my god so true

Johnlock forever!!!

Cause fashion Jawn. I don't "ship Johnlock" But this, this made me laugh. it's midnight. I really need to go finish my book and sleep.

Теперь люблю его еще больше!

Benedict Cumberbatch wearing the "This is what a feminist looks like" tshirt for Elle UK. The fact that he's a feminist makes me love him even more!

If this doesn't make you smile you are dead inside

We have Sherlotter, Jawn the hedgehog, Anderson the velociraptor, and Moriarty the bunny.HOW IS HE A BUNNY XD<--Also Mycroft the Ostrich. ---This is our fandom. << Welcome to the Sherlock fandom, everyone.


*SPOILER ALERT* That Moment On Sherlock When Everyone Watching Just STOPPED LIVING For 10 Seconds…I mean I don't ship Sherlolly.well, at least not as much as I ship Johnlock, but I legitimately stopped living for like a minute.

"It only takes a moment, but watching John's face go from near panic (Sherlock took a gun and is pointing it at the police, some of which are still our friends/ he's snapped and I can barely watch), relief (he's not pointing it at them anymore/ its pointed at me, I can deal with this), realization (oh, he's got a plan), and finally that face that looks like he's popping over to Tesco's for milk.

Watching John's face go from near panic and relief. By the fourth pic there's not a shred of worry left in John's face.

I am laughing way too hard right now

Buttons on his shirt are always in such tension. Sherlock BBC - Can't hold down the sexyness

I’m scared of us... I really am.

The Magpie Theory in Sherlock. It can't be a coincidence that magpies are heavily associated with both Moriarty and Mary. The sign of three, three for a girl, three for a wedding.

#benedict, #cumberbatch

Just meme it!

"The perfect dork" - Benedict Cumberbatch. This made me belly laugh!