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Fuck you Quotes

I know this look but I don't typically smile if I don't feel it.I have fuck you written all over my face haha

Write that down...

I did at one time. Those days are over. Glad the good memories out weigh the bad. Miss you but moving on was my only option The fact your hateful demeanor only confirms the reason why.

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still working on this ! The best thing I've ever done for myself was decide that I couldn't give any less of a fuck of another's opinion or misconceptions about me.

Pardon the french - but SO true. Let people shoot themselves in the foot. The only person you have to answer for at the end of your life is YOU. Can't choose what happens but you CAN choose your reaction.... getting off my soap box now.

Funny pictures about Revenge? Oh, and cool pics about Revenge? Also, Revenge?

Ain't gonna sugarcoat

No sugar coating. I used to be very good at sugar coating, LOL, but now that I am wiser I just straight tell you how I am feeling.

*cabbage patch*

Please don't be fake. I hate fake people. If you don't like me I'd rather you just say it to my face and not stand there and act like you like me


Personally, I don't find swearing offensive. I do find back stabbing, lying, cheating & fucking people over offensive, but not swearing.

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You'll never be me or have my life. PLEASE get this thru ur head- & stop implying that I do! U just love the drama.

no time I have enough of my own lol

Words - Inspiration - I have no time for your negative bullshit - negativity

Taste of their own medicine.

Ok, so maybe I would like this more if it said that people who treat you like shit get offended when you cut them out of your life. I don't treat people like shit just cause they did it to me, I just kick them to the curb.