Portrait Miniature of Queen Elizabeth, 1572-1573.

Portrait medallion of Elizabeth I of England, obverse, Date: between 1572 and 1573 Medium: gold and rock crystal over miniature Diplomatic gift to Adriaen de Manmaker, appointed Treasurer General of the province of Zeeland on 20 October

Recently discovered miniature by Hilliard, 1595–1600

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January 15, 1559 25 year old Elizabeth I in her coronation robes, patterned with Tudor roses and trimmed with ermine.

Elizabeth I Queen of England Coronation portrait - 1600 copy of 1558 original (National Portrait Gallery, London) This is a 1600 copy of a portrait painted of old Elizabeth Tudor in her coronation robes with her regalia.

Miniature of Elizabeth I by Nicholas Hilliard, 1572. (National Portrait Gallery, London)

1572 Queen Elizabeth I miniature portrait on vellum playing card by Nicholas Hilliard.

Queen Elizabeth I - Nicholas Hilliard

Queen Elizabeth I by Nicholas Hilliard watercolour on vellum, 1572 2 in. mm x 48 mm) oval Purchased, 1860 Primary Collection NPG 108