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Vandalism is wrong. We certainly can't condone it—broken windows, gang graffiti, or trashing property that isn't yours is costly and a nuisance for those who are le.

by Mentalgassi

Give the city a human face – The Street Art by Mentalgassi

Berlin street art - the group Mentalgassi uses prints and wheatpaste to transform urban objects into art. So awesome and creative !

This painting will make your head hurt - WTF fun fact

Artist Juandrés Vera just completed this amazing artwork for the Magic City art exhibition in Dresden, Germany

Robin Williams Tribute Street art by C215

street artist, - "Robin Williams" Commission of the American movie festival in Deauville / his tragic death won't overshadow his life.

Pequeñas personas, little people

Such a small world

Funny pictures about Such a small world. Oh, and cool pics about Such a small world. Also, Such a small world photos.