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We exist in a Transhuman world with our reliance on machine and powered energy. There's no better expression of this other than Illmasqua's futuristic fashions! Here they've utilized Body Electrics' make-up inspired by,

Interesting mesh metal work as forehead covering - Requires strong eye makeup such as this though.

middle eastern beauty - the headress and kohl-lined eyes are gorgeous, but the face in this photo is so heavily retouched and photoshopped it looks ridiculous and inhuman lol

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Ricardo Braga 11

Tattoo from Brazil tagged with Leg Cloud Cup Tattoo realized by Silence of Art Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by OOZY     @soulcoaltaatoos


Not a fan of hunting or taxidermy, but this tattoo looks pretty cool. 

deerhead and a cigarette.for some reason I can see Danny Stieger getting a tatoo like this!Infact, this guy resembles Danny Stieger quite a bit.