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2月29日 『え?たまたま祭りじゃないって?じゃ、何祭りよ。』 #鈴カステラ #八おこめ #ねこ部 #cat #ねこ

2月29日 『え?たまたま祭りじゃないって?じゃ、何祭りよ。』 #鈴カステラ #八おこめ #ねこ部 #cat #ねこ

Meet The World’s Most Beautiful Twin Cats — Iriss And Abyss

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best pictures and images ideas about singapura cat - most affectionate cat breeds

21 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds That Make You Fall in Love

Here is the list of the most affectionate cat breeds in the world. They are the types of cats who want nothing more than to love you.


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catasters: “ “I work out every morning and run five miles every week. I also lie a lot…” ”