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I will always support Draco Malfoy.

I'm such a Draco fangirl--and not just because of Tom Felton. But, I do love Tom Felton!

Pretty much

So true except for the times that it would be "Hermione Granger and the Time I Got Many Idiots Out of a Crisis" or "Hermione Granger and the Time I Got All Idiots Out of a Crisis".

Well, l mean, he could've chosen to not listen to his father and Voldemort, but still, he was taught to be that way (mean and stuff) all his life. He didn't know how to act any different.

Well, there is a fine line between sympathizing with Draco and thinking he is doing the right thing. Draco did have a bit of choice, we always do, but he isn't completely to blame for how events played out. --Description by DestinyandDoom

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Read Draco Malfoy/// Harry Potter from the story Imagify by ohmyycass (Red Arrow) with reads.

"It doesn't mean anything"

I know Dramione is a strange one, but for me it has potential (even if you do have to change a great deal around). Though in all honesty, in the universe they're in their teens and would still have room to grow :P

What? o-o No way... Have to reread with this in mind.... dramione, harry potter, anything potter, hpfacts

I love the pairing of Ron and Hermione but I could see Draco and Hermione together. I will always ship Ronmione though

Tom Felton ❤️

I feel like Tom really understands his character so much, which had made it easier for him to portray it so well.

In the whole of Harry Potter... the Malfoys learn to use social media

In the whole of Harry Potter. the Malfoys learn to use social media

Draco could've been such a good person.

good point-no one is born bad, they are turned that way through the actions of others and how they affected them. But people have the choice to stay good. Draco's fault for not going to Dumbledore. Everyone else's fault for putting him in that situation