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Gayo leyendo la carta del apóstol Juan

Cómo ayudó Gayo a sus hermanos

Jesus directs his heavenly armies

The Man With the Inkhorn—Ezekiel 9:2

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Enoch is a somewhat mysterious figure in the Bible record. Only three short Bible passages deal with him at any length. (Genesis 5:21-24; Hebrews 11:5; Jude 14, 15) However, those verses provide, in effect, enough brushstrokes to paint a picture of a man of great faith. I very much enjoyed this read. I had not previously given Enoch that much thought. I'm glad I read it! (Picture: Enoch)

Enoch Walked With God

The Bible says Enoch continued to walk with the true God, and that Enoch pleased God well. But when Genesis chapter 5 says ‘God took him,’…

A sister prays, then talks to another sister to resolve a disagreement and restore peace

Pursue Peace With Others

Peace among Jehovah God’s people is no accident. We can use God’s Word to counteract strong emotions and pursue peace.

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You are invited March Jehovah’s Witnesses: Memorial of Jesus Christ’s Death Luke Keep doing this in Remembrance Of Me)

Jephthah and his daughter at the sanctuary; Hannah fulfills her vow to God by taking little Samuel to the tabernacle

“What You Vow, Pay”—Ecclesiastes 5:4

Watchtower Study May How serious is it to make a vow to God? What lessons can we learn from Jephthah and Hannah?

The logic of the former blind man enrages the Pharisees. Just as his parents had feared, the Pharisees expel him from the synagogue.

The Pharisees Confront the Man Born Blind

The once blind beggar replies to the enraged Pharisees as his parents look on

Jeremiah proclaims Jehovah’s message at the gate of the temple

They Stopped Doing God’s Will (Jeremiah 7)

Jeremia die Jehovah’s boodschap bekendmaakt bij de tempelpoort

A Bible copyist at work...did they really copied the same? How can whe now it?

Has the Bible Been Changed or Altered?

Have copyists or translators altered the Bible’s message? How can we be sure that the original Bible text has been preserved in modern Bibles?

El modo de vida que le agrada a Dios (segunda parte) | Guías para estudiar la Biblia

El modo de vida que le agrada a Dios (segunda parte)

As in the case of Job, Satan uses persecution and discouragement to try to make us lose our friendship with God. Can we please God despite Satan’s attacks?

we should preach no matter what

Exercise Your Faith in Jehovah God’s Promises

Noah preaching to his neighbors why he was building the ark. Genesis W/Oct 2016 study edition.

In what ways do we show our gratitude for the ransom?

Jesus’ Ransom—A “Perfect Present” From the Father

A man is baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and shares in the field service

Bible Character Card: Joshua

Bible Character Card: Joshua

Priests blow ram’s horns, Joshua shouts a war cry, and Jericho’s wall starts to fall down