paris s 4 poster by moshik nadav

Paris Typeface Ampersands Collection Typography poster Designed by Moshik Nadav Typography with Lingerie Typeface

Ampersands! Who doesn’t love a good ampersand? We see them everywhere, in logos, in designs, in content, on Twitter (great for shortening), and in branding of all kind. They look cool, they’re elegant, and they are perfect for every occasion. Below are beautifully designed ampersands that not only serves as an "and per se" symbol, but as a mesmerizing design element on its own.

Collection Of 35 Beautifully Designed Ampersands

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ampersand bow - might be a neat Pi Phi inspired tattoo. Need to get the arrow pointing upward though.

mmmm gestalt principles. Coffee & Cigarettes movie poster~

So clever - Coffee & Cigarettes poster remake by Viktor Hertz. "The clean, minimal design is really striking and the coffee mug made out of the negative space is a brilliant idea. i love minimal design

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though it may be true that 'haters gonna hate,' Turk Harold, it seems equally true that 'makers gonna make' lol

1) About:Posters inspired by airline tickets 2)Hierarchy: 1.Location 2. Airline 3.Flight number 4.Type as texture 3) Title: All caps in center 4) Typefaces: 1 sans serif & 1 serif in different weights & sizes 5) Colors: each poster is limited to black, white, gray, and an accent color (red, blue, green, yellow) 6) Unknown designer

Love these city posters inspired by airline tickets. Need more than one, of course. Via Smith Smith Smith Armstrong (get on for each place we have been (together) (or after we have a family) each vacation or just the honeymoon and other important pla