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Their attempted name-switch when they met The Substitute.  And you just read that in the funny voices they used!

These people are not the real Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry, and Mike Chang.

Fuck Yeah! Glee Meme!

the gloriousness of Sue Sylvester I Love Glee.and of course.Sue <<< I still any stand sue

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one day youll all be fucking friends and you will be married to blaine and puck and quinn will be together and finn will be dead

Lol I already pinned this but it's so hilarious…so whatever…omg I'm DYING

Lea and Cory were so cute.the interview videos of the Glee cast are hilarious (most of the time.

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I love Blaine ❤️❤️❤️

Me everytime lmao, my brother already knows not to piss me off during glee 😂

I always feel so bad because this cracks me up every time

glee quote hahahah omg im so saying the last one all the time now but daughter