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Make room for these hunks Friends Ross,Chandler & Joey

“The first day we went to a run-through, and the six of them were together for the first time, onstage in the coffee shop, I remember the atmosphere being electric. A chill ran down my spine.” - Marta Kauffman

History - In the sitcoms started to change how people watched TV. It also changed how people dressed because they wanted to be like the people that they were watching.

At last! The cast of 'Friends' speeding along in a car wearing rather unusual outfits. This drawing took SUCH a long time. I really wanted to capture their likenesses and make it as reali...

These the most brilliant pencil sketches that you'll see anywhere. All these sketches are of famous TV and Hollywood actors and characters.

That's not even a word! One of my favorite episodes

Question was: “What is Chandler Bing’s job? I can quote literally this whole episode.