Fun Facts

Fun Facts

WTF fun fact - A person hates you for 1 of 3 reasons: They want to be you They hate themselves They see you as a threat

Interesting. I dont have any such

So on my thigh. Well it's near veins so I guess I bled to death. So I was in some war time and got shot in my upper thigh when I died.

This has recently been proven wrong, all fingers actually go directly to the heart. Common misconception.

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WTF fun fact - when this happens it's the scariest thing, I have to sit on my bed for a minutes and process that I am not moving


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Serial Killer acts as his own attorney - WTF fun facts

Serial Killer acts as his own attorney - WTF fun facts @ møe 🌞⛅🌟 fσℓℓσω мє for more!

wtf fun fact.

WTF Fun Fact - Poli means Many and Tics means Bloodsucking Creatures in Latin - So if we combine them, Politics actually means Many Bloodsucking Creatures