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Never lie to me. Not only will you not get away with it, but you’ll lose my trust in you and may even have to lie to you myself.

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Iatrogenic Disorders of the Fetus, Infant, and Child

Iatrogenic Disorders of the Fetus, Infant, and Child

Scorpio. Let's hit the self destruct button and see what rises from the ashes.

The Scorpio /woman/man lets his/her eyes and his/her 'tone' of voice do the work. And his/her actions, of course, will tell you volumes if you pay close enough attention.


I was born on the cusp, and identify as a Saggitarian, but my mother always recognized my Scorpio traits. kiss my ass --eat shit and step on a lego.

Scorpio instinctive

Scorpio/Scorpion - is very instinctive and intuitive so drop the facade as their perceptions are deeper than words and they have little time for phoniness and hypocrisy.