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Howl of Wolves video gallery introduces the various types of wolf howl. Read, listen, howl like a wolf.


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espíritu lobo | solo el lobo

She looked into the sky and her heart fluttered seeing the wolf she turned into every night or rather what she transformed out of every morning. God, I would love to be a wolf!

Lobo(Obsesión con los animales salvajes.)

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Keep calm and love wolves

Keep calm and love wolves The woves are a special art of animals , they are a wonderful and beautiful creature of the world.

The Wolf Understands That All We Need Is Love, And Is Fully Capable Of Providing It. In A Nurturing Environment The Wolf Is Intensely Passionate, Generous, Deeply Affectionate, And Gentle~ My Native American Zodiac Symbol, & Favorite Animal. This Is My Next Tattoo. – Tattoo Ideas Top Picks

The Wolf understands that all we need is love, and is fully capable of providing it. In a nurturing environment the Wolf is intensely passionate, generous, deeply affectionate, and gentle~ Native American Zodiac symbol

I haven't slept in several nights and I'm not tired.  Who will protect the ones I love when I'm asleep? And though there's little I can do, I'll say a prayer that when the wolves come for their share they'll come for me.

Daughter of the wolf and little red riding 16 and single I can change from wolf to girl and have wolf ears and a tail with gold eyes.