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Dracula AKA Vlad Tepes. Viavode,Scholomanari,Lord of Vampires,and Prince of Darkness.

Dracul, the Sundered Prince, fell to bloodlust. Prone to extreme violence on the battlefield in defense of his home and people. Losing his first wife during a siege caused Vlad to accept Nosferatu's gift, sealing his fate as a dread lord.

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Card battle game 『神獄のヴァルハラゲート』 [link] © 2013 Grani, Inc. All rights reserved. [link] C.

Toys in the Attic by wjh3

© White Wolf Illustration appearing in The Beast that Haunts the Blood: Nosferatu and Spectrum 16 Toys in the Attic

Count Dracula

Welcome to Brides of Dracula Wikia, a horror/tribute wiki to the woman of Dracula and vampire.

m Vampire Impossible Picture Xavier Delacroix, Dracula's favored Member of the Vampire Order. - The Dark World: Book 1 by S.

Dracula ¿ilustrador?

Rowena Morrill · Art for The Dracula Book of Great Vampire Stories edited by Leslie Shepard · 1978 Jove / HBJ Books

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Vebster family portrait by Kate-FoX vampire vampyre father daughter armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

Vampire Lestat by White-corner.deviantart.com

the character "Lestat" in the Anne Rice series (based on Tom Cruise's roll as the vampire Lestat)