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Numerology began when life began. Every word and number vibrates and has a meaning. By using numbers we can break down our name and birth date to chart our life and the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime.

Life Path number 3

This week we dive deeper in our illustrated series of Life Path numbers with the charismatic, fun-loving, talented Again, to calculate your own life path number, just break down your birth.

In the chart, the position of the Sun by zodiac sign represents the native's life purpose and the style in which they leave their mark in the world.

The Soft Skills Managers Importance of Soft Skills A basic astrological cheat sheet. Aries is ruled by the First House in the Wheel, the Hou.

Orgone Chakra Pendant Necklace ~ Quartz Gems Healing ~ Reiki ♥Macho-Orgonite | eBay

Orgone Chakra Pendant Necklace ~ Quartz Gems Healing ~ Reiki ♥Macho-Orgonite

Tarot and how it corresponds to the chakras. Plus info on archangels, although I am not too familiar here just yet!

Tarotize: Chakras, Tarot Majors and Archangels (cheat sheet) - DANG, This is AWESOME! ALL of the majors in the Heart Chakra section have been particularly hard for me to read.