A plane made from a box and cardboard!  Get those imaginations working!

Cardboard Box Plane - so easy and FUN! :: with a brief explanation of box plane parts! Sent this to my son in law for him to make for the children!

Cardboard Box Ideas (They don't need to look exactly like these to be fun!) Summer is coming - start collecting cardboard boxes NOW! Simply show these ideas to your kids - hand them the boxes from your Dell, and then let them be creative - while you get your work done! Then you can crawl inside and play with them when you're both done working!

25 Cardboard Box Ideas - the ultimate kids toy! -- What kid doesn't love the cardboard box anyways?

Cómo hacer un castillo con una caja.

DIY: Castle Story Box

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cardboard old-fashioned telephone

I have to say, I never thought about using cardboard much in crafts until I saw these fantastic projects from Ikatbag. Kids will love them!