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There is no escaping the MLB fandom

I walked through the Harry Potter door years ago, and I will never look for an exit sign. Hogwarts is my home. (But you know any witch or wizard worth their salt could get through that brick wall in half a blink.

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Basically ............

Helpful life advice on how to exit a fandom. My new favorite thing. THERE IS NO EXIT


What do you mean fangirls? No decent person would write on a book! (Except if it was an exceptionally terrible book maybe.

How do you kill yourself without dying? Join a fandom. Seriously.

This is absolutely true!this is one of the most truthful things i have ever seen. I am in at least six fandoms with more that I'm about to join, and I die all the time.

The dog in all caps looks like a bow tie

meeting other people of our fandom in public. I like so totally did this at orientation today. Wore my Sherlock shirt, met a girl who own it also, and we totally bonded, and I hope we have classes together.

Cyber Bullying #Humor <<Bullying isn't good, but I thought I'd share this for people whose parents think they are being cyber bullied

Yea I think they got the cyber bullying thing wrong. I'm not secretive people are just uneducated in the fandom life. That is not cyber bullying. That is a FANDOM.


Have a channel just for fandom game shows. I would watch it all the time.


Well then I shall go watch Reichenbach Fall about 30 more times

Fanfiction, food, and middle-aged celebrities are the things I live for in life.

This is perfect. Girls don't like boys. Girls like fanfiction, food, and middle aged men. That's how we roll in the shire.

It is really, really sad how true this is…

Accurate reaction is accurate.Gerita/Prucan/Gruvia(Fairytail)/Any otp?

I can finally tell people I'm religious

Random person: What religion are you part of? Me:I am in the glorious religion of Fandom.

Mind blown. Juuzou please let there be good things about me in your fanfictions. please love me!!!!!

Who do they ship me with? Oh God. maybe they ship me with themselves and realize that because I'm real and they're fictional we can never be together and they hope that one day a fictional character will come up that was just like me.

This is SOOO accurate. I HATE hipsters when they think love hurts THEM when it hurts US all the time

Pin this to your fan board(s). If you do then you are a verified fangirl/fanboy. Lol!!!

Pin this to your fan board(s). If you do then you are a verified fangirl/fanboy. <---- I don't necessarily think that one needs to have this pin to be a verified fangirl, but better safe than sorry, right?