Saul LEITER :: Man in Car, 1950

Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Saul Leiter. Saul Leiter received no formal training, but has gained renown for his street photogr…

写真家ソール・ライターから学ぶ人生と仕事に響く13のエッセンス 15/15

【画像】写真家ソール・ライターから学ぶ人生と仕事に響く13のエッセンス 15/15 - Peachy

Saul Leiter footprints 1950

I like how this photo seems all drab and dreary, all except for the bright red umbrella. The color contrast between the snow and the umbrella really makes the picture for me. by Saul Leiter Footprints, 1950

Saul Leiter, early color                                                       …

Today his photography is acclaimed by film directors and museum curators. So why were Leiter’s poetic images of New York ignored by the art world for decades?

adreciclarte — Saul Leiter - Red Curtain, 1956

by Saul Leiter Red Curtain, 1956 “He broke all the rules when it came to composing a photograph,” said Mr. Leiter’s assistant, Margit Erb, w.