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Día de playa con la amiga!

Two animals Alex doesn't want me to have.a birdy and a fat dachshund :D

hmm, seen this b4. it's a Wolverwienie.

These sweeties DO have a dark side - believe it! Don't mess with a doxie's treats or toy

The 10th edition to the Man's Best Friend Series. A Bavarian theme a Dachshund is the setting in which a Dachshund is dressed in lederhosen and suspenders with hat and knapsack. In the Black Forest grilling a string of "wieners". A full stein of beer, a bottle of ketchup and pretzels, a jar of sauerkraut, onions. The handle is in the shape of a Black Forest evergreen tree. Limited edition of 5,000 pieces.

The edition to the Man's Best Friend Series is the German Dachshund stein.

Cutie Pie

This dog cracks me up.looks like something one of mine would do!