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Ho sempre messo su un dipinto finito per un giorno o in modo da guardare per le cose che hanno bisogno di fissaggio ... Poi modificare qua e là.  Dategli un rivestimento a spruzzo finale per proteggerlo.  Io uso Kamar vernice spray.

How to Paint a DOG PORTRAIT

I always put up a finished painting for a day or so to look at it for things that need fixing. Then tweak here and there. Give it a final spray coating to protect it. I use Kamar Varnish Spray.

Cristall Harper - Good Listener

Good listener dog artwork-Custom Dog Portraits by Cristall Harper - Good Listener in oil

Cecil Aldin A Dog Day Illustration de 1902 par VandRVintagePrints

Cecil Aldin - A Dog Day Illustration from 1902 - No 24 in collection of 27 - Reproduction Dog Print