:: Thomas Danthony

Any fans of film noir will love London-based Thomas Danthony’s beautifully crafted illustrations.

Thomas Danthony

Poster created to celebrate the announcement of my Handsome Future Award with Handsome Frank illustration agency. Edition of 50 Giclee Prints, Signed and.

Thomas Danthony, The movie La La Land for Variety. © Thomas Danthony.

Illustrating Drama: Posters and Paintings by Thomas Danthony

Liam Devereux

British artist Liam Devereux has two great new art prints up for sale. "Outside and "Woodfall" are x screenprints, have editions of and cos

Youth in the City, Illustrations and Book Cover by Thomas Danthony.   Thomas Danthony is a french artist based in London. His work often contains a narrative enhanced with a clever use of light that allows the images to tell a story and makes the spectator think.   http://www.thomasdanthony.com/

Illustration by Thomas Danthony: simple illustration of night scenery over a city by the sea. Black used to show it is night but outline suggests a whole city. Lighter edge of column suggests the strong moonlight (moon stands out (bright colour)

عليك أن تحظي دائماً بلحظات متفرد بذاتك بعيدا عن ضوضاء العالم اللعين..

Illustration by Tom Haugomat for the short story 'Until Forever Runs Out' by Karl Mercer — Popshot Issue Thirteen