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1916. Un officier bavarois porte un Gummimask nouvellement émis. Le Gummimask a été introduit en 1915 et a eu un morceau de visage de tissu caoutchouté et un filtre amovible. Ils ont été développés pour protéger le porteur contre les gaz de chlore et des agents de déchirement. Les masques ne sont pas en mesure de filtrer le phosgène plus mortel. - Première Guerre mondiale Colorisation -Drake Goodman

A superbly detailed photograph of a Bavarian artillery officer wearing a newly issued Gummimask. The Gummimaske was introduced in 1915 and had a rubberised fabric face piece and a detachable filter.

An outstanding outdoors portrait of a seasoned trench raider, this fellow is wearing Fechtabzeichen on his right arm, denoting his prowess with a sabre. He is armed with a Mauser 98 AZ (98a) fitted with an Ersatz knife-bayonet and a Reichsrevolver.  It is probable that this photograph was taken pre-July 1918.

An outstanding outdoors portrait of a seasoned trench raider, this fellow is…

Here is a collection incredible colorized photos showing everyday life of soldiers from 1914-1918, during World War One. More info: Flickr (h/t: vintag.es)

Incredible Colorized Photos Of Soldiers During World War One

Italian officer, Peppino Ciabattoni outside of the Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco in Venice, before returning to the Front. December (Courtesy of Giampaolo Paoletti - Ascoli Piceno) (Colourised by Frédéric Duriez from France)

WW1 Officer wearing a Sam Browne

World One War: 'Sam Browne' Belt

First World War British Officer in Service Dress with Sam Browne and Revolver, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Ben Kuroki

The Two Wars of Ben Kuroki, New Book Out About Nebraskan Who Defied Prejudice to Become a War Hero

Ben Kuroki flew a total of 58 combat missions during World War II. He is the only Japanese-American in the United States Army Air Forces to serve in combat operations in the Pacific theater of World War II.