Pirate Freighter Waran by ~TMC-Deluxe on deviantART

Pirate Freigter "Waran" made for the massive multiplayer online game Stellar Legends Pirate Freighter Waran

In several missions undertaken by the Somtaaw explorers, a carrier would have been handy. Able to perform many mothership tasks in miniature, a carrier could do everything from support battlegroups...

The Paladin class light bomber was developed during the First Great Conquest War (FGCW) by OmniCorp to counter powerful ion defence shields used by GenCorp forces on planets, moons and asteroids.

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Galileo is a multi-environment hover vehicle. It was intended for scientific exploration. It can handle in non-gravity space, atmospheric environments, as well as having submersible capabilities. I wanted to push an

CCY's pinnace. Mainly used for customs and space guard duties.

Deck Plan for CCY's pinnace. Mainly used for customs and space guard duties.

Homeworld Ships To Scale (capitals) by doberman211 on DeviantArt

Vanaar-Jet created by Enterprise-E Homeworld Ships To Scale (capitals)



Homeworld by Bisart.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Homeworld - Commission IG Magasine 25 (Ankama) Homeworld is a real-time strategy computer game released on September developed by Relic Entert.

Been playing a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic recently and had a hankering to draw some spaceships. This is a pretty basic freighter (maybe a courier - it does have pretty big engine blocks).

Due to Varangian Guard’s focus as a mercenary corporation being on garrison operations more than offensive fleet ops, one of the more common vessels seen in their fleet is the Drakkar-class transpo.