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Stephen Colbert's First Reaction to Yo App: 'Y?

Polpa Moldada - Embalagens Sustentáveis

Article: "Slaves to the smartphone." "The horrors of hyperconnectivity -- and how to restore a degree of freedom." (The Economist) Not what you might expect. Even if you don't think you'll agree, worth the read with an "open mind.

How major brands are reacting to Apple's iPhone 6 bend - Imgur

How major brands are reacting to Apple's iPhone 6 bend

How Nokia, Samsung, LG, KitKat And Other Brands Reacted To Apple’s iPhone 6 Bendgate

The Silent Treatment: A Narcissist’s Tool  For Psychological Warfare - Esteemology

Two Awesome Mobile Features Marketers Aren’t Using Yet - SiteProNews

The DUBS: Doppler Lab's New Noise-Reducing Plugs  http://www.smelive.com/news/lifestyle/the-dubs-doppler-lab-s-new-noise-reducing-plugs/

Meet Dubs, Doppler Labs’ Reinvention Of The Lowly Earplug

Atheer Labs' wearable glasses are somewhere in between Google Glass and Oculus Rift #ICYMI http://tcrn.ch/UDedUY  pic.twitter.com/6RKvc4GRgR

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Atheer Labs Releases A First Enterprise Developer Kit For Its Wearable Glasses

Now this is a smart item to have on your key chain. GQ says it's one of 10 things men should have but I think it's a pretty smart tool for everyone too!

Nine Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets

Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean's Pocket Accessories: Style: GQ USB flash drive.

If You're Thinking of Getting a New iPhone, You Need to See This Kickstarter Project

This Absurd Kickstarter Project Makes a Surprisingly Good Point About Technology Addiction

شاهد..التصميم النهائي لـ «آيفون 6» - منتديات السبطين

iPhone 6 - The FINAL design is leaked! iPhone 6 by Apple. The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone. Creating an entirely new design meant inventing.