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Yura by Vanguard Designs

A single-speed bicycle is a type of bicycle with a single gear ratio. A single-speed bicycle is generally cheaper, lighter, and mechanic.

FreshCotton - Fixed Bike Deluxe | FreshCotton.com ($200-500) - Svpply

FreshCotton - Fixed Bike Deluxe Singlespeed & Classic Bikes color combination fixed bike inspiration saddle leather handlebar custom Nice ☺ 👍 🔥 na

Vanguard Design's Yura Bike - copper-plated frame

Singapore based studio Vanguard Designs creates one-off bicycles assembled from a vast array of genres.

Superbe - Hirondelle, St.Étienne, France 1891

Étienne, France 1891 - The Gallery - The Gallery - The Gallery - ŠTĚRBA-BIKE.

Amazing Cool Bicycles - T-Cargo side car bike. Between friends & cargo, I could find some good uses for this.

T-Cargo side car bike: when I have a kid, I want to ride him/her around :)

Fantastic update of a 40s frame, with nice wooden grips, subtle gearing (internal) and classy dynamo headlamp.

Paolo Chiossi - Gloria frame- If I was to have a bike, it would be this one

NAHBS 2013 Award Winner: Cherubim

North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2013 Best City Bike Award Winner: Cherubim. Look at the hooks on the handles bars.