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Lockheed P-38 Lightning from WWII. One of the heroes of the war and for me, the grandfather of the current A-10 in his attack plane role.

Lightning "Glacier Girl" (recovered from a glacier in Greenland)

Lavochkin La-9 Лавочкин Ла-9  Gavin Conroy

Lavochkin The first soviet fighter to outclass German and even match during WWII. Although with some engine problems at the beginning of its service, it quickly became the most important fighter in soviet air force during the allied campaign.

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Aviões e etc by Daniel Alho / P-38 Lightnings

Restored 'Glacier Girl', 'Ruff Stuff','Honey Bunny' & 'Thoughts of Midnight', Sacramento, California

Cactus Air Force by Jack Fellows  Elements of the assemblage of Allied aircraft that sortied from Guadalcanal during the war are seen here i...

Lockheed Lightning evolved, it acquired self-sealing fuel tanks.

Invader fought in more wars than any other aircraft type of era.Americans flew the attack bomber in WWII,Korea & Vietnam,while other air forces fought in Indo-China,Algeria,Biafra,Cuba,Congo,& at least a dozen other conflicts.Douglas A-26B Invader, “Feeding Frenzy,” built at end of WWII,flew with French in Indo-China in 1950s & later operated by Hughes Tool Company.

Invader fought in more wars than any other aircraft type of era.

Italian Aircraft of WWII: Attack

Designed by Ing. Photo depicts the one and only prototype built. It was not constructed to a specification o.

Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario.

Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario.

P47 サンダーボルト

A USAAF Thunderbolt at extreme low level. Note that the sweep of the camera& pan has bent the buildings in the background

p 38 lightning -  The Japanese were afraid when they saw these approach.

[Photo] Lightning aircraft flying in formation during Lockheed test pilot Milo Burcham's funeral, southern California, United States, 25 Feb 1945