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Who has got the most kills in Dragon Ball / DBZ? I think it's really sad they incorporated Grandpa Gohan :( I mean I get it but still.

Who has got the most kills in Dragon Ball / DBZ?

The Evolution Of Dragon Ball Characters (I like how piccolo has no change whatsoever hahaha)

The Evolution Of Dragon Ball Characters

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Ok the first few I know and then it gets to Piccolo and Gohan's age difference and then freakin how Cell is the only enemy Goku has not bitten so wtf DBZ

This board is LONG over due. DBZ is the best. Oh and suck it "beliebers". #DrakeBellApproved?

DBZ Rage.Yes I've been tought better thinks.

I hate rage comics so much. Also note the implied sexism. Girls like Justin Bieber. Boys like Dragonball Z. <<< idk I'm a girl and I totally relate to this. Too many girls of my generation are into this stuff. Thank the Lord I grew up with dbz.

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That is if you make it past the first AWFUL season Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z, GT, and Super are AMAZING!

Fase 1,2,3,4

When I was a kid DBZ was the anime I ever drew and now after many years a commission request have me draw Goku! It reminded me of my humble beginnings. Dragon Ball Z: Goku Evolution

Broly fonçant sur Gokû. Illustration pour le chapitre 38 du roman de Dragon Ball Multiverse. For the Dragon Ball Multiverse novel. Chapter 38.

This is the metora fusion form of Myou and Kiki. She is born to combat the threat of Carbon (a nearly omnipotent surviving cell jr).