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Deal breaker.

Yeah On Second Thought I'm Busy Tonight

You see in my head you're funnier and more charming

You are not responding in the wat I imagined you would respond when I acted out this conversation in my head. Stop it. Your eCards


Oh how I would love to do this just one time! I have the perfect person in mind for this one :)

These are my language skills. :-)

"I am proficient in 3 languages--English, Sarcasm, and Profanity." Your eCards

Knight in Shinning Armour..... Or not!

Sometimes your knight in shining armor is just a retard in tin foil. --- Can I get an amen?

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Im not gossiping.I'm just sharing opinions aboit other ppls life choices!

Most required university classes

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Sometimes my brain is like the Bermuda Triangle.

LOL I always feel silly sending the second text because I know the other person knows what I'm saying but I'm too OCDish not to. :(

HAHAHA - this is a pet peeve of mine. unless i/you totally screwed up the wording there is no need to resend the correct spelling.

this is funny bc i am suppose to be cleaning.. and instead Kristina and I went to stock up on alcohol and wine. for cheap prices lol bahaha

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Today, Ill be cleaning. And by cleaning, I mean drinking booze and spraying all my shit with Febreeze.

Same shit, different day

Don't worry Dick's Hideaway is ready to make your work week better, keep your pants on and visit us soon.

adhd meme - Google Search

I haven't been diagnosed with adhd, but I have all the problems.