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Superhero stat sheet

With the impending release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, a few infographics were released that give us some backgorund details on the most notable superheroes and villains in the game. Each informat…

Avengers as Cats


If the Avengers were cats, Tony would totally be a sleek Siamese in purrfectly tailored armor. And the Hulk would definitely be a big fluffy Persian - or a Maine Coon.--------SPIDERMAN IS NOT AN AVENGER!

Flash 228 August 1974 Issue DC Comics Grade F/VF by ViewObscura

The Flash # 228 - VF - DC Comics - Bronze Age - Very Nice - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

The Flash (Volume) - Comic Vine

The Flash Captain Cold breaks out of jail and proposes to Iris West—after turning everyone in the city into frozen statues!

Legionnaires' Fact File - Dawnstar, Blok, Ultra Boy, Mon-El, Element Lad by Greg LaRocque

The Legion of Super-Heroes are a team of teen-age super-heroes in the and centuries of the DC Universe who were inspired by the adventures of Superboy/Clark Kent/Kal-El (Pre-Crisis). Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl are the founding members.

1972: THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. After gaining back some popularity in 1972 when artist Dave Cockrum and writer Cary Bates took over the creative duties of the Legion leading them to their own limited series titled The Legion Of Super-Heroes. In 1973, a few years later the title once more becomes Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes with writer Paul Levitz and artist James Sherman leading the way.

Quique Alcatena is an Argentinian comic book artist who has drawn a few Legion covers and stories in the past. He grew up with the Legion in the and is a fan of the work from that period.

Elongated Man Cast in 'The Flash' Season 4! | Serpentor's Lair

‘The Flash’: Hartley Sawyer To Play Elongated Man In Season 4