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Carnation Instant Dry Milk-Mom would mix this with regular milk to save money

Carnation Instant Dry Milk ~ Mix this with regular milk to save money, I remember mom doings this.

school milk

school milk

The days when it was easy to open the vitamin bottle. They were made of glass and made a popping noise when you opened them.

Vintage Vitamin Jars: Chocks, One A Day, A&P - We used to get Chocks, but what I really wanted was the Flintstone Vitamins!

My Grandma Connie Used to Make Me Sanka Coffee. Okay it was mostly milk...but I thought I was so cool.

My grandparents always had Sanka coffee.My first cup of coffee was made by my Grandmother for me.


Remember playing this water game called Aquaplay? It was fun to try & get those rings onto the posts using puffs of water.

Loved the little boxes!

Glamulet Nature Sterling Silver Charms for each of your special moments!

Rock-hard, lost its flavor in no time, but it had comix!

Bazooka bubble gum with Bazooka Joe comic. I've never been keen for bubblegum but I can remember my friends buying this.

got these every Christmas

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Instant Nestea ~ My sister and I would always grab our ice-tea before playing Barbies...lol

Nestea --wow, I used to get this all the time. I can actually smell it when I think of how it was first opening the jar. Still do & faithful Nestea user to this day. Love the smell . Reminds me of my Mom !