Doner Kebab

Doner kebab in Germany. Turkish dish made of roasted meat cooked on a vertical spit. The best doner kebab I've had was in Germany.

Döner Kebab - Germany

The 16 Best Street Foods You Need To Eat Around The World

Italian pizza in Italy. They, the Italians, like to use their country's colors, which are red, white, and green. This pizza is called the "margarita"- in the USA we would consider this a cheese pizza.

Italian pizza in Italy. Sometimes it doesn't get much better than a simple, delicious, traditional and authentic margarita pizza!

Beef Rouladen is a family favorite and a traditional meal. The beef, the pickle, the mustard, the gravy, the onion and bacon, and did I mention the pickle!

German Beef Rouladen - Thinly sliced beef smeared with mustard and rolled with pickle, onion and bacon, seared and cooked in beef gravy.

German Potato Salad, let's see which recipe is better!

German Potato Salad

German Potato Salad: my grandpa can make the best! It's all about the balance of bacon fat.

Fresh Corn and Squash Tacos

Fresh Corn and Summer Squash Tacos

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