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SQUALANE VÉGÉTAL  Extrait de l'huile d'olive, le Squalane végétal est un actif…

Benefits of vegetable squalane - Hydrate - Penetrates the skin giving a soft and gentle touch - Help restore the skin's lipid barrier - Protects against dehydration - Forms a soft film on the surface of the skin and helps maintain skin hydration

Castile soap made naturally from olive oil | Girlfriend is Better

Castile Soap Cleans Head-to-Toe, Top-to-Bottom

VIVE LA FRANCE - Depending on the region, the first olives are harvested in September. Olives can be picked at any time during the ripening process, from when they are green until they are fully ripe and black.


hope to: help harvest olives in Italy and dip fresh baked bread in newly pressed olive oil, yummmm.

Oh my goodness! I would eat those olives till they we're gone.

What is Sorbitan Olivate? Made from olive oil, it acts to remove dirt and moisturise. You can find it in our Baby Moisturiser, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Body Butter and Body Lotion.

Building a new life in Palm Beach, where my parents are, I choose who is in my life, I can sue

Building a new life in Palm Beach, I choose who is in my life, I can sue