CHRISTINA The Divergent Series: Insurgent

Divergent 30 day challenge day The character I am most like would probably be Christina personality wise. I am kind of like Caleb because I would chose Erudite and be a scientist when I grow up though, so I guess I am a mix of Christina and Caleb.

Stay strong, be brave.

This is the part that made me cry. I'll say it one more time: be brave. The feels If you were here from the start put this on some of your divergent boards.

Tobias - ALLEGIANT from the Divergent series.  Beautiful

Tobias - ALLEGIANT from the Divergent series. Beautiful> love this part even though my heart is still ripped in two

ATTENTION!!!! Life treating announcement. Ask taking my bro for his birthday. Not like happy birthday to myself :) :) :) :) :) :) hahahahaha

This better be closer to the book than Divergent! I've read Insurgent and Allegiant as many times as Divergent so I will be correcting everything!