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Pequeño ragdoll gris

Ragdoll Cats are the most docile of all cat cat race in this world. Ragdoll cat called because it is like to lie on our arms. Ragdoll cats are very affectionate and friendly so that it can be a pet and a good friend.

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blue-eyed kitten that is a Himalayan. The points have all ready started to darken and the eyes will stay blue. The short nose indicates his/her Persian ancestry.

cadı kedi ile ...neus kuçu..ağa paşa kuçu kellesini ister ve dışarda seslice bekler..sırnaşık kızımızsa yer içer abisi gibi

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Ragdoll Cat Breeder of mink ragdoll kittens in Virginia. Sepia Ragdolls available now. Chocolate Ragdolls for sale.

cute baby!

(She-cat) cloudy paw, 6 moons old, mentor is FireWhisker (played by moonlit river)

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short+legged+ducks+ | Ragdoll Kitten For Sale Picture

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