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paper portrait art lesson

Paper Self-Portraits for Third Grade

Modigliani-art-lesson: Possible self-portraits lesson.

Modigliani Portraits in Chalk pastel

Modigliani School art lesson portraits have become an art room staple, thanks in no small part to Kathy over at Art Project for Kids for providing a simple, fool-proof technique for imitating the elongated faces famous to Amedeo Modigliani.

Van Gogh Portraits 3rd grade student gallery by Deep Space Sparkle

Van Gogh Inspired ¾ View Portraits

Art History 103: Early Elementary Art Response

Art History 103: Early Elementary Art Response

Paper-Portraits-gallery a la Modigliani

Paper Self-Portraits for Third Grade

I Love it! Sooo creative and I can just imagine the boys REALLY getting into making hair, lol

Screamy portraits with straw-blown hair. I love that her students interpreted this as exploding brains!

2nd grade crayola model magic clay self-portraits Art with Mr. Giannetto blog

Self-Portraits Crayola Model Magic Clay Second grade students loved creating self-portraits out of clay.

K / 1st / 2nd: tempera and chalk self-portraits

Chalk Pastel & Tempera Paint Portraits for Kinders

Contour Portrait on Relevant Collaged Surface-Use any portrait and create a contour drawing/painting on a collaged surface. The surface elements/images must be relevant to the person you are creating a portrait of.

Miro Art Lesson | Deep Space Sparkle

Miro Art Lesson

Art - Colour and Line. Joan Miro, the focus here is creating lines that form shapes and being able to express yourself through line and color. It’s really empowering for children to create a work of art that resembles nothing familiar.