Iconic Illustrations by Mr. Stanley Chow

Stanley Chow has been a firm favourite for sometime with his wonderful iconic illustrations. Crafting pictures of famous tv, movie or football stars in

Figura fundo, positivo negativo

The support centers union for victims of sexual assault in Israel: Two Seconds to Spot Advertising Agency : Mccann Erckson, Tel Aviv, Israel Graphic Designer : Yan Fedoroff


Minimalist vector portraits by Stanley Chow


Marie Claire Russia cover by artist Malika Favre Warning: there are some graphic, Kama Sutra-y illustrations on the site. A little porn-y but very well illustrated :)

Ilustrações Stanley Chow Snap Point

Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe, monroe, jean baker, Via: Stanley Chow Illustration of Manchester England

“Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof and instant coffee, to unemployment insurance and library cards, to absinthe and good-hearted landlords, to music and warm bodies and contraceptives... and to the 'good life', whatever it is and wherever it happens to be.”  ― Hunter S. Thompson

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but theyve always worked for me. -Hunter S.

Rihanna e Cee Lo, de Stanley Chow

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