A nice and simple recipe for a delightful strawberry cake you can make from scratch. I have made it twice now and both times it was very fluffy and moist. Make sure you measure the flour after you sift it and always make sure your ingredients are room.

Summertime Strawberry Pie - In the hunt for a fresh strawberry pie similar to Marie Calendar's to make for my dad, I came across this and gave it a shot.  He says this is better than Marie's!  Success!

Summertime Strawberry Pie

No matter what the time of year, easy pie recipes always bring the family together. this wonderful strawberry pie comes from our friend tina at mommy's kitchen and is simply delicious. made with fresh strawberries, it's fruity flavor is a must.

Looking for a quick and easy  dessert recipe? Try out delicious No Bake Berry Icebox Cake !      Recipe type: Dessert  Serves: 12-16      Ingredients     	19 oz graham crackers   	8 oz cream cheese, softened   	2 (3.4 oz) packages Vanilla Instant

Our very best recipes for no-bake cakes and cupcakes, including Strawberry Icebox Cake, Mango Icebox Cake, and S'mores Chocolate Icebox Cake.

This recipe for Strawberry Buttercream Layer Cake features layers of moist strawberry cake and Italian meringue buttercream. What a great cake recipe from Jen at Savory Simple!

Strawberry Buttercream Layer Cake

Strawberry Layer Cake - Savory Simple: Recipes, Food Photography and Cooking Techniques

Strawberry Cake~ very simple, top with Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake~ very simple, top with Vanilla Ice Cream