Debbie Harry in 2014!

Debbie Harry in Blondie or Deborah Harry is always highly sexual attractive she was back in when I saw her on Belgian TV with the hit Denise, my first big love I was 5 she was

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry of Blondie - an absolute icon. You can still see her style imitated today, she basically invented the hot rock chick.

Punk Queen Debbie Harry

Deborah Ann "Debbie" Harry (born July is an American singer-songwriter and actress, best known as the lead singer of the new wave and punk rock band Blondie.

No one ever said you had to be serious to be taken seriously

Debbie Harry's glory years – in pictures

Debbie Harry supporting  mini skirt day...

Contraflow on

this is a picture of debbie harry lead singer in the bnad blondie debbie harry in school uniform

Deborah Harry

Deborah Harry

Debbie Harry, NewYork 1970's. Photo by Allan Tannenbaum. ☀

Studio portrait of American musician Debbie Harry of the group Blondie in a red dress as she poses against a red vinyl backdrop New York New York 1978

debbie harry; that "look" by jeremy north, via Flickr

American singer Debbie Harry fronting new wave band Blondie on their Parallel Lines Tour after hitting number one on the UK pop charts, Newcastle, United Kingdom, photograph by Jeremy North.

Debbie harry

the only person i really believe in is me dedicated to debbie harry & blondie