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@solitalo Es lo sagrado, según la cosmogonía. La héptada, “Cifra digna de veneración”, decían los pitagóricos, ya que se trata de una vibración controlada por los siete espíritus celest…

El Significado del número 777

So, I have noticed how walking a 21 day challenge experiment in walking through stopping a habit/addiction has been assisting an.

Day 546 Why am I remaining stuck in one point? Why don’t I move on?

Day 546 Why am I remaining stuck in one point? Why don’t I move on?

Day Calling the Beast by it’s Name – Breast Cancer – The Four Laws of Cancer – Day 23

Day 220 - Decoding Ego-Battle Tendency

Continuing from yesterday , I posted a once private entry from my first process journal. To sum it up: I have been belittling my brother and.


Daily Meditation: invisible

Day How to Make a Self-Honest Decision? ~ Maite's Journey to Life

images of number 7 | NUMBER 7 Temporary Tattoo 1.5x2

NUMBER 7 Temporary Tattoo 1.5x2

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Within our current socioeconomic and political system, Life is not valued as a Right, but something each one has to ‘earn’, and within that it has become a privilege. Money has become the medium through which one is able to access those goods and services that ensure one’s subsistence. One’s ‘Right to Life’ is not a given, but restricted to those who have money. This way of doing things within the current world system is reflective of what we value as a society, which indicates that mo

315. Rights and Equal Money Capitalism

Meeting the Most Evil Man on Earth: Bernard Poolman

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cell phone radiation

EMF exposures from cell phones have been classified as possibly carcinogenic by the WHO. Read my 12 cell phone radiation protection tips.

This is beautiful!! Would love in black :) Double Lapel Fit-and-flare Blazer - White

Double Lapel Fit-and-flare Blazer - White

Double Notch Lapel Sharp Shoulder Pad Fit-and-flare White Asymmetry Drip Blazer Suit


Stay connected with the ones around you for it will help you later!

What will you do with the money? What will you do with your life?